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Association for Business Education and Entrepreneurship Development is an educational trust registered in Pune. It's founded by academicians and professionals in IT and management fields. Research and training are its main focus areas. ABEED would strive to create a niche in corporate and academics with its unmatched training programs and industry interface.

SSK Busilink

SSK Busilink is a venture engaged in innovative marketing initiatives focused at varied business services and products like Domain-specific Training Programs, Specialty Food Items, Academic Initiatives and BPO. It's a small venture founded by like-minded professionals from various backgrounds and with a zeal to make innovation happen!

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S.V. KADVEKAR, former Head and Chair Professor (Honorary) at the Department of Commerce, University of Pune has been in academics for the last four decades. He received his Ph.D. in Commerce from University of Pune (Vaikunth Mehta National Institute of Co-operative Management). He worked as Principal for Arts, Science and Commerce Colleges and Director Institute of Management under the aegis of University of Pune and Bharati Vidyapeeth Universities.

His papers and articles have appeared in the Indian Journal of Commerce, The Maharashtra Co-operative Quarterly.

Current issue

In Entrepreneurship, an Opportunity is only as Good as What YOU Make of It
Author : Dr.Vikas Joshi

Mathematics for Social and Behavioural Sciences
Author : Deanna Haunsperger, Jonathan Hodge, Michael Jones, Donald Saari

Paradigm Shift in Consumer Buying Behaviour towards Purchasing of Passenger Vehicles in Personal Segment
Author : Vivek M. Kolhe, Dr. Mohammed Naved Khan, Dr. Anand A. Deshmukh

Analyzing Travel Demand of Work Trips in Pune City
Author : Dr. Sheena Mathews

Shareholder’s Wealth Creation in Mergers and Acquisitions in Indian IT Industry: A Fowler and Rorke Model
Author : Aamukta, Dr. Anirban Ghatak

Scheme for Sustainable Structuring of Stressed Assets (S4A) - An Overview
Author : Dr.V.S.Kaveri

Role of Third Party Employee Verification and Background Checks in HR Management: An Overview
Author : Dr.Anil P. Sarode, Sagar Shivaji Deore

Management of Human Resources in Public Sector Banks - 1991-2008
Author : Dr. Shikha Jain

Mobile Brand Choice Criteria: An Empirical Analysis Using Fishbein Model
Author : Dr. Sudheer Dhume, Dr. Sachin Kamble, Rakesh Raut

A Study of Essential Components of Corporate Skills
Author : Dr. Sujata Dhopte, Meena Sinha

Solar Photovoltaic Market Dynamics in India
Author : Dr. Shikha Jain, Dr.Anthony Rose

Measuring Effectiveness of ATMs as Workload Relievers: A Study With Reference to Cooperative and Private Sector Banks in Pune City
Author : Amol Mane, Dr. N.Y. Rajeshirke, Dr. R.D.Kumbhar

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